Tabitha is an award winning Executive Chef at the Queensland Cricketers Club, one of Australia’s most respected and acclaimed organisations. Tabitha or “Tooty” as she is affectionately known by her peers is by all accounts an extremely talented chef that finds her inspiration seasonally from local growers and farmers. Tabitha’s signature dish a slow roasted lamb back strap with basil and beetroot crust, smoked Sheep’s yoghurt, beetroot, asparagus, baby corn, and red wine jus. Carefully choosing fresh seasonal produce, she combines perfectly balanced fresh acidic flavours with robust thick creams and a variety of textures that take diners on a culinary journey.

Raised on a busy farm in Beaudesert Queensland, her passion for the culinary arts started from a young age spending most of her spare time in the kitchen with her beloved Grandmother. Those early years baking pastries and home-made gourmet pies led Tabitha to graduate from college in commercial cookery. Her love of aromas, flavours and exotic foods have been rewarded many times, taking home first prize in local Queensland and Nationals competitions.

The dishes change with each season using beautiful honest produce such as duck, mud crab, Wagyu rump, scallops and scampi together with farm fresh local fruit, vegetables and spices to craft a menu that is rich, wholesome and delicious.